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Nicki's Diapers Overnight Training Pants - Whale of a Tale


Nicki's Diapers Overnight Training Pants will help keep the bed dry at night! These potty training pants have absorbency where it is really needed. There is one layer of microfiber for quick absorption and topped with fleece to keep you little one feeling dry at night. Also inside are 4 layers of bamboo for extra absorbency with no compression leaks.

An extra feature is a large side pocket opening to put the 2 layer 11" x 14" Fold-able Bamboo Insert that is included! Putting the insert inside the pocket gives even more protection from leaks at night and the fleece lining of the training pant will keep your little one feeling dry. However, if you would like your child to feel the wetness of an accident at night, just put the Fold-able Bamboo Insert right next to your little one's skin.

If you would like to purchase extra Overnight Training Pant Bamboo InsertsCLICK HERE!

The narrow crotch, soft polyester sides and the fleece covered side snaps (on both sides) make Nicki's Diapers Overnight Trainers super comfortable. Even when fully snapped, your toddler can easily pull them up and down, making these an easy transition from diapers to undies!

The inner fabric of this overnight training pant has a soft fleece lining and an outer fabric of 100% waterproof PUL to help prevent leaks.

Available in Small (16-21 lbs), Medium (22-30 lbs), Large (30-38 lbs), and X-Large (34-45 lbs). *Size/weight suggestions are approximate. The X-Large run big!

Fabric Content:

  • Lining - 100% Cotton Fleece
  • Internal/Exterior: 100% Polyester
  • Insert: 100% Bamboo

Care Instruction:

  • Machine wash warm
  • No bleach, additives or softeners
  • Tumble or line dry
  • Do not iron

Feel good about spending less! All Nicki's Diapers Brand Cloth Diapers and Bamboo Swaddle Blankets are part of the ongoing Buy 1, Give 1 Promotion.

For every cloth diaper or swaddle blanket you purchase, one will be donated to a needy child. Nicki's Diapers is in the process of forming the non-profit organization Hope Love Care, which will provide much needed necessities to families and orphanages all over the world.