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Nicki's Diapers Newborn Snap Bamboo Overnight Fitted Diaper - Natural


Whether you're looking to keep your heavy wetter dry throughout the day or help baby sleep soundly all night while staying dry, Nicki's Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitted diapers are your answer!

Fitted diapers are much more absorbent than inserts, and are a good choice for babies who out-pee their diapers. These Fitted diapers work perfectly for babies 4-10 lbs.

To make Fitteds waterproof, they must be paired with a diaper cover.


Nicki's Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitted diapers are made from 100% absorbent bamboo viscose and is super soft on baby's sensitive skin.

The outer shell contains three layers of 100% Bamboo Viscose and the inner soaker contains 5 layers of Bamboo Viscose for maximum absorption.

Super Absorbency

Nicki's Diapers Overnight Bamboo Fitted diapers offer our Super Absorbency, which is usually sufficient absorbency for even the most hydrated baby!

Preparing for Use

It’s always recommended to wash any new cloth diapers products before use, to remove any dust from manufacturing and shipping.

With Natural Fibers, we recommend washing these diapers 3-5 times with detergent, drying in between to maximize absorbency.

Natural fibers will become more absorbent over time. If you prefer to use after one wash, note that you will need to change sooner or add additional absorbency.

You can simply throw your new products in the wash with your normal laundry or diaper laundry. We recommend you do not use fabric softener or bleach on any cloth diaper products.

How to Use

Nicki's Diapers Fitted diapers are very quick and easy to use.

1) Adjust front snaps to desired size

2) Snap to secure

3) Put a cloth diaper cover on over top for waterproof protection

Wash and Care

Washing Your Fitteds:

1) Remove solids: Knock solids into toilet, Dunk n’ Swish, use a diaper sprayer, or diaper liner to help.

2) Remove prefold from the diaper cover before washing.

3) Run a rinse cycle on cold.

4) Run a full cycle wash on warm/hot with additive-free detergent. We recommend the use of Tide detergent. Do not use detergents with added softeners or stain removers. 

5) For best results, run one more rinse cycle on warm/cold.

6) Line dry or tumble dry or on low/medium. 

Care For Your Fitteds:

Fabric softeners and rash creams can ruin the effectiveness of the absorbency. We recommend you do not use them. If you need to use a rash cream, we recommend the use of a liner along with cloth diaper-friendly products.

Dirty diapers and inserts should not go unwashed longer than 2-3 days for risk of staining.

Nicki’s Recommendation

We recommend having 3-5 fitteds for overnight use, but quantity may vary per child and some children need to be changed throughout the night.

If you are using fitteds for daytime use we recommend having at least 6-10 per day.

Most children are able to use the Nicki’s Diapers One Size Bamboo Fitteds on their own, but if you need more absorbency these pair great with doublers.