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Lighthouse Kid's Company Signature All In One Diaper - No Rain No Rainbows


The Lighthouse All-In-One Diaper is a soft, lightweight, trim diaper that is different from other AIOs! The insert is sewn in along the back of the diaper. It is a book-fold insert which means it is folded in half like a book. Fold it stay-dry fabric up to keep your baby feeling dry or bamboo side up if you want your baby to feel wet when potty training. An extra 2 layer bamboo booster/liner is also included. This can be placed under the sewn in insert. This trim all-in-one cloth diaper is very absorbent and won't leak for hours!

Features of the Lighthouse cloth diaper are:

  • hip snaps to stop wing droop
  • tummy panel with TPU to stop wicking (great for babies sleeping on their tummies)
  • attached insert - no stuffing
  • adjustable rise snaps for perfect fit
  • waterproof TPU that is soft, stretchy and lightweight
  • wash once to prep and it is ready to use
  • great for nighttime use - it is leak-proof for up to 12 hours
  • easy to wash and dries quickly
  • innovative book-fold design insert is easy to use
  • choice of stay-dry or bamboo side when diapering your baby
  • bamboo booster included
The Lighthouse All-In-One Diaper is one size and fits babies from 9 - 32 pounds!

Lighthouse AIO diapers

Lighthouse Diapersgives back 5% for each purchase to Hannah's Home of South Florida to help women and babies.

Care Instructions:

  1. Place no more than 18 soiled diapers in a load. Run a cold pre-wash cycle with no detergent.
  2. Then wash diapers on hot (maximum of 60 degrees C/140 degrees F) with detergent.
  3. After hot cycle, run a short rinse on cold.
  4. Tumble dry on low.
  5. Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners.