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Imagine Smart Fit Unbleached Cotton Prefold Cloth Diapers - 6 Pack

3 reviews


Imagine Baby Products Smart Fit Prefolds are easy to use, even more absorbent than inserts, and fit into every budget.

They are made up of three panels of fabric. The outer two panels have four layers of fabric and the middle panel has eight layers. This allows for the ultimate absorbency in the “wet zone” while keeping the diaper fitting trim.

To make Prefolds waterproof, they must be paired with a diaper cover.

Prefolds are much more absorbent than inserts, and are a good choice for heavy wetters.


Made with 100% certified organic cotton, these prefolds are soft against your baby’s sensitive skin while offering the highest level of absorbency.

Absorbency Rating Super Absorbency
Imagine Baby Products Smart Fit Unbleached Cotton Prefolds offer our Super Absorbency, which is usually sufficient absorbency for even the most hydrated baby!

All of Nicki’s Diapers Products are designed in the USA and responsibly created and sourced in China and Pakistan.

Preparing for Use

When you receive your Imagine Baby Products Prefolds, they will look quite large, flat, and feel slightly stiff. To prep them for use, wash and dry them 4-5 times in a hot or warm wash cycle using detergent and drying them in the dryer each time.

After they are prepped, they will quilt up and be very soft! Imagine Baby Prefolds will shrink approximately 5-15% during prepping, but they are designed to leave plenty of fabric for your baby’s absorbency needs!

Please note, using the sanitize cycle or washing your diapers in water above 120 degrees fahrenheit, will not only cause excessive wear and tear on your diapers, but it will also cause them to shrink and quilt more than the below dimensions state. We do not ever recommend boiling to save time during the prep process.

How to Use
Imagine Baby Products Prefolds are very quick and easy to use.

1) Choose your favorite fold (bikini twist, pad fold, angel wing, etc.)
2) Secure with a fastener
3) Put a cloth diaper cover over top for waterproof protection
Wash and Care

Washing Your Prefolds:

1) Remove solids: Knock solids into toilet, Dunk n’ Swish, use a diaper sprayer, or diaper liner to help.

2) Remove absorbent diaper from the cover before washing.

3) Run a rinse cycle on cold.

4) Run a full cycle wash on warm/hot with additive-free detergent. We recommend the use of Tide detergent. Do not use detergents with added softeners or stain removers. 

5) For best results, run one more rinse cycle on warm/cold.

6) Line dry or tumble dry or on low/medium. 

Care For Your Covers:

Fabric softeners and rash creams can ruin the effectiveness of the absorbency. We recommend you do not use them. If you need to use a rash cream, we recommend the use of a liner along with cloth diaper-friendly products.

Dirty diapers and inserts should not go unwashed longer than 2-3 days for risk of staining.

Nicki’s Recommendation

We recommend tri folding or folded and secured with a fastener and wrapped in a reusable diaper cover or wool diaper cover.



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    Sarah M.

    I love Imagine Smart Fit Prefolds!

    I ordered these prefolds just this past Friday because I was in need of the next size up for my 2 yr old boy. He was still wearing mediums but now that he's 26 lbs and filling out, I needed to upsize. I had never orered from Nicki's Diapers before (was always loyal to GMD) but I figured I'd give it a try. Honestly, I'm so glad that I did because not only were these prefolds incredibly affordable, but they WORK! And the cotton is incredibly soft. Way nicer than my GMD prefolds! Also, it only took from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon to receive my order! There was a Sunday in there and I don't believe the post office works on Sunday. These prefolds work great and I am so excited to receive my inserts which are supposed to be arriving today. I appreciate you, Nicki, for offering such great products at such an incredible price AND for shipping them out so quickly!



    nice quality prefolds. Hard to find anywhere else for such a good price.



    I have the organic ones in large. I love them so much! They remain soft after many washes and very very absorbent. I've been able to use them with covers from other brands and they still work very well. I would highly recommend's the most economical way to cloth diaper for sure!