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Imagine Printed Flat Diapers - Rawr

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Imagine Printed Flat Diapers are the original style cloth diapers! These hard to find baby flat diapers are made of soft 100% Cotton. Because they are only of one thickness, they are easy to clean and dry fast on the line or in your dryer. They are a one size fits all diaper that needs to be folded to fit your baby. Use can use two diapers (or more) when you need extra absorbency for overnight or heavy wetters.

Types & Sizes (please allow for 5-10% of shrinkage):

  • Cotton: 32" x 32"

Imagine Printed Flat Diapers are also great for burp cloths, lap pads, changing pads, dish towels, house cleaning, applying and removing facials, and cleaning your glasses, windows, and screens. They are durable and lint free! Imagine Printed Flat Diapers are chlorine-free!!

Imagine Printed Flat Diapers are a very inexpensive way to diaper your baby! Use these diapers with pins and plastic pants or with diaper covers.

Imagine Printed Flat Diapers are a simple single layer of diaper cloth. The picture above shows the cloth diaper folded over twice.

Kite Fold

Flat Diaper Kite Fold
This folding method is easy to do and practical. Affix the final folds with a diaper fastener, and surround with a diaper cover to prevent leaks.