Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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GroVia One Size Hook and Loop Hybrid Diaper Shell


The GroVia One-Size Diaper System has a one size diaper that is different! This diaper system has 2 parts. First the shell - the design of the shell is waterproof and minimizes diaper waste and cost because it is reusable! Second is the soaker (sold separately) - when the organic cotton Soaker Pad is wet, simply remove it and snap in a fresh Soaker Pad. If the shell is wet, allow it to air dry and use for the next diaper change. If the GroVia Shell is soiled, start fresh with a new GroViaShell.

GroVia Shells

The GroVia Diaper grows with your baby with its adjustable rise snaps. By changing the settings, the diaper will fit a newborn, infant, or toddler. It will fit MOST babies from 8-35 pounds. The one-size Soaker Padwill also fit from 8-35 pounds and easily snaps into the cover.

GroVia Diaper Size Chart

Use the adjustable rise snaps for toddler, infant or newborn.

  1. Newborn/Small: Snap your GroVia Shell rise snaps on the lowest setting. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and simply flip the front of the soaker pad in towards baby. Fasten diaper on baby.
  2. Infant: Snap your GroVia Shell rise snaps on the middle settng. Snap your soaker pad into the shell. Tuck the front of your soaker pad down, while pulling the front panel up and fasten on baby.
  3. Toddler: Leave you GroVia Shell rise snaps unsnapped. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and fasten on baby.

GroVia Shells

GroVia Shells

By using GroVia One-Size Diaper System you will be putting less waste in our landfills, save hundreds of dollars each year, and have a healthier baby with less diaper rash. There are no dioxins in these diapers.

Use: Change outer shell twice a day and inner as needed.

Washing: Organic cotton inners must be washed/dried on 3-5 times before first use and they will not reach full absorbency until approximately 8-10 washes.

  • Wash, tumble dry before first use (3-5 times)
  • Remove as much solid matter as possible
  • Place soiled soaker pads in a dry diaper pail - no soaking necessary.
  • Wash every 2 days
  • Start with a cold rinse
  • Wash in warm water with half the amount of recommended detergent (shells, soaker pads and boosters can all be washed together)
  • Do an extra rinse if desired
  • Tumble dry or hang outside for extra freshness and to remove stains (line drying shells is highly recommended - they will dry in less than 2 hours and will stay nice longer)
  • Do not use bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners
GroVia Laundry Tabs

GroVia Shells

GroVia Shells, Soaker Pads and Boosters are Parent Tested and Parent Approved

U.S. Retailers CANNOT sell/ship GroVia products outside of the United States. If you need help finding a retailer in your country please let us know

Color: Rowan

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