Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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CLEARANCE: Lalabye Baby 2 in 1 Diaper

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Color: Tons of Love
Tons of Love

The Lalabye Baby All in Two Cloth Diapers gives your little one a trimmer fit and no added bulk. These cute diapers are made with the same soft TPU outer layer that is waterproof and micro-suede lining as the regular Lalabye Diaper.

Each Lalabye BabyNewborn Diaperincludes 1 small bamboo insert made of 4 layers of bamboo terry. The 3 rise settings and hook and loop closure make it simple to adjust for a perfect fit every time. The newborn shell has a wide pocket opening in the back along with a snap. Stuff insert into pocket and/or snap it on. The waterproof belly band prevents leaks at the tummy and the micro-suede lining (a stay-dry fabric) keeps your baby feeling dry.

Size: Fits babies from 5-12 pounds

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diapers has a pocket for the inserts or the inserts can be snapped to both ends of the cover to make the diaper an All-In-Two! The pocket has wide openings at both ends to make it easy to stuff and to allow the inserts to agitate out in the wash.

The waterproof belly band/insert stopper prevents leaks at the tummy and the durable snap closures give the Lalabye Baby a very secure fit. And there are tons of beautiful colors and cute prints available!

The Bamboo Inserts each have 4 layers of rayon from bamboo and snaps on both ends to snap into the Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper. Bamboo is very absorbent without being bulky. The bamboo is made without fertilizers or pesticides and is naturally antibacterial - eliminating that ammonia smell. It is also anti-allergic, very soft to the touch and breathable - all these things are perfect for baby's sensitive skin! With each diaper you receive 2 inserts: a one-size bamboo insert and a smaller, lightweight bamboo insert.

Sizing: The one-size diaper can be adjusted to fit babies approximately 8-35+ pounds.
The newborn diaperd are sized to fit babies from 5-12 pounds

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