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Mother ease Bamboo Terry Snap in Liner

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U.S. Retailers CANNOT sell/ship Mother ease products outside of the United States.

Add Mother-ease Snap In Liners for extra absorbency! Mother-ease Snap In Liners give you 3 additional layers of knit terry that simply snap in whenever you need extra absorbency. These liners hold an extra 7 ounces. They are great for overnight!

Just like the Mother-ease One Size Fitted Diaper, the Mother-ease Snap In Liners are also available in four different fabrics. They all have the same amount of absorbency - 7 ounces.

Stay Dry on Cotton Terry

One side has a 100% polyester stay dry liner sewn on to wick away moisture from baby's skin.Unbleached on one side and white on the stay dry side.

Organic Cotton Terry

Made of 100% organic cotton.


Bamboo Terry

Made of Mother-ease's specially knit bamboo.


Cotton Terry

The most durable fabric of the four because polyester is knit into the base of the fabric.

White or Unbleached

Made in Canada.