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Balm! Baby Be Well, Stay Well Elderberry Natural Immunity Defense Tincture 2 oz

Balm! Baby Be Well, Stay Well will naturally help defend your baby against sickness. It builds immunity against sickness that is going around. 

Balm! Baby Be Well, Stay Well is a defense tincture that can be used during the flu season, when in public places or in school. It is formulated to keep your child well.

This is a concentrated formula, so be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Features of Balm! Baby Be Well, Stay Well:
  • 2 oz Glass with glass dropper
  • Organic & natural
  • Hand made in USA
  • Vegan
  • Nut & Gluten Free
  • Keep glass dropper clean, avoid contamination.
Ingredients:  Glycerin base:  ALL ORGANIC - Elderberries, distilled water, sweet vegetable glycerin

Directions:  Add 3/4 tsp - 1.5 tsp to water, juice or milk or give straight from tsp.  (For adults, double amount)

Age recommendation: 1+ years. Under 1 year, ask a doctor.