Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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12 Unique Cloth Diaper Uses You Didn't Know

While you can save tons of money using cloth diapers - sometimes our love for them can get a little out of hand.

It can be a lot of money.

But what if I told you that even if you don’t resell or use your cloth diaper stash on another child that they can be reused elsewhere, for non-diapering thing?

Too good to be true?

Lucky for you - I know tons of unique uses for cloth diapers that don't include your baby's bottom.

12 Unique Cloth Diaper Uses You Didn’t Know



Over the last twenty years or so, disposable ways of dusting have become the norm.

Gone are the days of dust rags.

Unfortunately, that’s not so great for the environment nor are the disposable alternatives all that effective.

Your flat and prefold cloth diapers make excellent dust rags.

Yes, even if that cloth diaper is holey and destined for the trash can - keep it for scratch-free dusting!

Window Cleaning


Have a stack of microfiber inserts?

These cloth diapers are my hands-down go-to for window and mirror cleaning.

The quick-absorbing properties of microfiber will have your mirrors and windows streak-free in no time.

We use diluted white vinegar, but your favorite window cleaner will do just fine.

Stainless Steel Cleaning

Stainless Steel Cleaning

This is where my super holey hemp and bamboo flats/inserts come to play.

Okay, also the microfiber that has been flattened and doesn’t absorb even enough to clean the bathroom mirrors.

All of the absorbent cloth diaper materials that are no longer absorbent or just plain look a hot mess are great to shine up anything stainless!

I love straight-up vinegar for this, but stainless steel spray and your cloth diaper will have that fridge nice and shiny.



This is a great way to use those prefolds that are too small, lived their best life, or you’re just looking for a more sustainable way to use that mop with disposable pads.

With a pair of Boingos, you can easily attach a prefold to your mop. Prefold cloth diapers are more absorbent than disposables and are suitable for any floor type!

Unpaper Towels

Unpaper Towels

Or really - anything towel! My children love to clean up “bubbles”.

Seriously love it.

We have a wet bag full of unpaper towels that are made up of Marleys Monsters, prefolds, flats, old inserts, and cloth wipes.

If it is absorbent it’s probably in that wet bag. Cloth diapers make excellent spill cleaner uppers, hand wipers, table cleaners, and really, any place you would use a paper towel.

Dish Mat

Dish Mat

We tend to use changing pads underneath our espresso setup, but prefold diapers do the same!

Instead of spending another $10-$20 on one of those or an actual dish drying mat, consider using a cloth diaper!

Flat and prefold cloth diapers are more than absorbent enough to help dry your dishes on the counter or by hand.

Pot Holders and Trivets

While this may be one of those I need to get my ish together things I do know that I’m not alone in having all of my laundry live in baskets.

My laundry room is in my kitchen.

This is the worst and best thing ever.

Best, because I can’t count the number of times my potholder is still in the washing machine, but my cloth diapers are clean and both are still in my kitchen!

Prefold flat diapers are about the same thickness as your conventional pot holders, cheaper, and can go directly onto the table as a trivet!

Grease Catchers

I get the side-eye with this one every.single.time.

I drain my bacon on prefolds and flats.

Not just bacon either!

Anything that’s greasy and needs to be drained I have a cloth diaper on standby.

My favorites for this are cotton prefolds or muslin flats, but any flat or prefold will do.

When you’re done - just handwash in the sink with a tiny bit of dish soap before washing with your other laundry.

Burp Cloth

Burp Towel

You may already be familiar with this - especially if you’re over 30.

Before cloth diapers really made a comeback over the last ten years or so, the primary use of prefold or prefold style cloth diapers were used as burp cloths.

Over the years fancy-schmancy burp cloths have flooded the market because they are forking cute!

But, your prefold or flat diaper will do exactly the same thing and be more absorbent.

Hair Towels

Hair Towel

Sometimes (okay a lot of the time) my kiddos go hang out at grandma's.

This means that my cloth diapers go with and sometimes don’t make it back.

While this does drive me up the fluffing wall it always warms my soul when my mother-in-law is asking for me to order this or that thing, because she loves it so.

The last thing I was instructed to order?

Imagine Baby Products Stretchy Bamboo Flats.


Because they are excellent hair towels!

The flat side doesn’t agitate frizz and the bamboo doing what bamboo does best - absorb is basically the best thing for your hair.

Oh, by the way- these flats are also excellent baby and toddler towels.

Fur Baby Blankets

Puppy Blanket

A couple of years ago we rescued two kittens that were just a few weeks old.

My husband showed up and was like - we have to help these two!

I had no supplies, nothing ready for them.


I found a heating pad in my closet, grabbed a shoebox, and a couple of our flat cloth diapers.

They hung out all snuggly in there for weeks until they grew and thrived.

Even if you’re not bottle-feeding wee little kitties - flat cloth diapers are perfect as pet blankets and paw cleaners.

Pretend Play

My oldest daughter is obsessed with baby dolls.

She carries around the baby of the week and practices playing mommy all day long.

She swaddles them, diapers them, sings them songs - you know the whole shebang.

She likes to swaddle them not in swaddling blankets, but in cloth diaper flats!

They just happen to be the perfect size.

Conclusion - Cloth Diaper Uses You Didn’t Know

Changing Pad

Maybe you already knew some of these, but even if you found one new use for cloth diapers today, I’m stoked!

Once we’re done with cloth diapers doesn’t really mean we have to be done with cloth diapers.

There are sandwich bags, leggings for babies, backpacks, and CHANGING PADS.

I am yelling changing pads because they’re one thing I have started to collect over the years and for good reason.

Changing Pads can be used in a million ways from your countertop to placemat, to stadium seat.

There’s no right or wrong way to use them.

Click HERE to check out changing pads and add one to your countertop today!