Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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The $100 Cloth Diaper Challenge | Getting Everything You Need On a Tight Budget


Whether you’re a new parent expecting your first child or a veteran caregiver that’s sick of disposable diapers, you’ve found yourself considering cloth diapers!


baby on bed wearing best bottom cloth diaper


Why Make The Switch?

In 2021, there are countless reasons why someone would want to make the switch to cloth.

Perhaps your baby has sensitive skin, and disposables have done you wrong.

Maybe you’re a parent to more than just one and are tired of spending money on something that’s made to be thrown away.

Whether your reasons are environmental, financial, or a mix of a few, when you choose to switch to cloth, the various options can be overwhelming.

While joining a cloth diapering parent group is a good idea, it still doesn’t mean that things will necessarily get easier, at least not right away!


infant with nickis diapers organic cotton flat cloth diaper


“Use pockets! They’re the easiest!”

“I prefer all-in-ones.”

Stretchy flats are the way to go!”

When you first dive into the cloth diapering world, the terminology and differing opinions of many can make something as simple as *buying diapers* seem endlessly complicated. 

Let’s simplify it, shall we? Below, we’ll break down a simple cloth diapering scenario—and we’ll do it for $100 or less.

The $100 Challenge


You have a six-month-old baby, and you’re interested in switching to cloth diapers. Yay!

You’re also on a tight budget—who isn’t, am I right?

How can you possibly afford to cloth diaper your baby, be mindful of your spending, and get the most bang for your buck?


Though opinions do vary, a quick Google search shows that, in general, an adequate number of diapers for one child is between 18-24.

You’ve decided to start with 18 diapers and plan to wash them every second day. Great!

After a bit of internet surfing, you find yourself on Nicki’s Diaper’s website.


Baby sitting next to nickis diapers box wearing Jungle pals cloth diaper collection


Without a doubt, the most economical way to cloth diapers your baby full-time is by using flat diapers and covers.

Diaper covers feature snaps or Velcro closures and can be wiped out and reused for multiple diaper changes (as long as there’s no poo).

Flat diapers are sold in packs of six and can be folded to accommodate different sizes and offer different levels of absorbency.

Flats are exactly what they sound like: one flat square or rectangular piece of fabric that is tucked into a diaper and worn under a water-resistant diaper cover.

Flats are not only inexpensive but incredibly easy to wash and dry quickly.

With this in mind, you add to your cart:

Three packs of Nicki’s Diapers Cotton Muslin Diaper Flats, size large. Here is a look at the diaper count: 6 diapers x 3 packs = 18 diapers.

Total: $47.97


Three different nickis diapers cloth diaper covers sitting on an unbleached flat


The Fun Part is Next: Diaper Covers!

Because flat diapers are not waterproof, you’ll need covers to contain the mess.

Picking covers is like picking out candy—there’s really no wrong choice, it’s whatever you like best!

Whether you prefer solid colors or bold and intricate designs, there’s something for everyone.

Covers are convenient since they are reusable, easily washed, and quick to dry!

Ultimately, you’ll want at least six covers in your stash, but a great starting point is a simple rotation of three.

Simply wipe out your cover between uses and reuse it for pee diapers!

If you’re dealing with poo, switch for a clean cover and quickly hand wash your dirty cover.

Let it hang dry and you’ll be impressed with it’s ready for its next use in no time. 


Child wearing Nickis Diapers Ultimate All In One Cloth Diaper  Safari Sunset Collection on  matching blanket


Of course, you can choose whatever prints you like, but to continue with our cost-effective scenario, we will assume you end up picking some great gender-neutral styles.

Of course, you want to be able to use these beauties on any babies you have!

You add:

  1. Nicki’s Diapers One Size Snap Diaper Cover—Safari Sunset $10.99
  2. Nicki’s Diapers One Size Snap Diaper Cover— Candy Cane $10.99
  3. Nicki’s Diaper’s One Size Snap Diaper Cover— Mango $10.99

Total: $80.94


toddler wearing cloth diaper at home


Okay, But What About Night Solutions?

Your little one is giving you 4-6 hour stretches of sleep, and you certainly don’t want to sacrifice that in the name of a late-night diaper change.

Nighttime solutions require more absorbency, and the easiest way to add absorbency to a bedtime diaper is by using a doubler. Doublers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

Natural materials, such as cotton, bamboo, and hemp, tend to hold more than synthetic materials, with the bonus of going directly next to the baby’s skin.

While browsing Nicki’s doubler options, you come across Nicki’s Diapers Bamboo Doubler.

At $3.99 each, they’re affordable with the bonus of being bamboo and cotton—natural and absorbent!

Three of these provide you with the flexibility to add absorbency to your nighttime diaper, keep your little one leak-free, and maintain your wash routine. 

Total: $92.10


kid playing in the flowers wearing a Nickis Diapers Diaper Cover


As you reach the tail end of your $100 budget, you realize you have a few bucks to play with.

Because Nicki’s Diapers offers free shipping for any order over $10, you can really stretch that hundred dollars to the max without worry.

As a bonus, you add a pack of OsoCozy diaper pins to your cart.

Though flat diapers don’t necessarily need pins and can keep in place with covers, or can be folded/tucked for security, using diaper pins will add a bit more oomph to your folds! Diapers: 1 Wiggly Infant: 0.

OsoCozy Diaper Pins: $3.99

Grand Total: $96.09!


twins matching in nickis diapers brain freeze print and strawberry fizz


Easy Peasy!

For under $100, you’ve managed to put together an affordable starter pack for your cloth diapering journey.

It may be a little bare-bones at the beginning, but 18 diapers, three covers, diaper pins, and three boosters should maintain your goal of diapering your baby sustainably with an every-two-days wash routine.

As you can, you may decide to add more covers, more diapers, different types of diapers, or even add some diapering accessories to your stash.

All of these can be easily ordered from Nicki’s. A recommended addition is one pack of flats which would round out your stash to 24, thus extending your days between washes.

Additionally, a few more covers will cut down on your need to hand wash (and add to your collection of cuteness!).

A common must-have accessory is a wet bag that doubles as stylish storage for your dirty diapers. However, everything beyond the basics is just that: extra!

For just $100, you already have everything you need to get started. 

It’s easy to get swept away in the current of the cloth diapering community.

The options are overwhelming, the opinions vary, and the desire to always have the newest/brightest/quirkiest design can cause many families to write off cloth diapering for good.

But with a little bit of research and help from us, you can do it and do it on a budget.

Drown out the opinions and just stick to the basics to get started, the rest will come later!

After all, the ultimate goal is the same: diaper your baby.

And whether you’re able to spend $100 or $1,000 dollars, there is a way to cloth for every family.