Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Santa Baby | My Nicki's Dream Cart

It’s a Dream Come True!

We asked 3 of our content creators to build their Nicki’s Diapers dream cart! They’re all very fun to shop along with.

We hope this will spark your imagination or maybe even introduce you to new products that you didn’t know Nicki’s stocked.

letterboard with nicki's diapers shipping box

Nicki’s Content Creator 1

You hear the question every single holiday season- “what should I get my baby for Christmas?

They’re so young and we DON’T need any more toys!”

It’s actually one of my favorite questions because I’m always bursting with ideas! And this isn’t just for winter holidays!

I use the same ideas for Easter Bunny baskets and Halloween when they’re too young for candy, literally any excuse I have to shop at Nicki's, you know I’ll find a reason! 😉 

baby eating a marshmellow

We all know Nicki’s has the cutest cloth diapers, and I definitely have gifted new prints to my babies on the holidays, because let’s face it, when they’re that small they just like ripping the paper anyways!

But I wanted to dive into some of the less explored corners of Nicki's site and get you some more unique ideas to fill those gift bags, boxes, and stockings for your littles.

First, let me say, there is NOTHING wrong with not getting your wee babies toys for the holidays, for multiple reasons. 

nicki's diapers shipping box and bamboo blanket

You may already have too many, or they are already getting a bunch from other family members.

Either way, there is nothing wrong with gifting more “practical” baby items. They’ll have just as much fun ripping off the paper and playing with the packaging as with any other gift! Ha!

So I went and made my dream “baby accessories cart” so I can share some of my favorite options with you.

Meal Time

nicki's diapers shopping cart

This category is so vast, and there are TONS on the Nicki’s site, but here are a few of my favorites:

GoSili Stretchy Silicone Lids
Perfect to fit in a stocking now and your diaper bag later! These are a lifesaver when on the road and you don’t know if the restaurant or the friends you’re visiting will have kids’ cup options available.

Green Sprouts Silicone Learning Cup
Great for when your kiddo is just starting to explore their own motor skills and is obsessed with YOUR open drinking glass!

EZPZ Mini Mat
At home or on the go. These mats will make your child a little less likely to chuck their food, dish and all, onto the dining room floor! 

Nicki’s and Imagine Baby Products Bibs
ALL the bibs!! The foodie prints are a personal favorite, but I don’t discriminate when it comes to the prints and I have way too many! (Is there such a thing?) Nicki’s and Imagine waterproof bibs are the BEST! The coverage, the pocket that catches everything, the water resistant outer layer, all of it!


Balm! Baby Teething rub
This all natural rub soothes the swelling, pain, and inflammation your little one will experience when it’s time for those sleepless teething nights. It might just save some of your sanity too!

Nicki’s Silicone Elephant Teether
Nicki’s new silicone teethers are perfect for even the littlest hands to grasp. And they come in 4 cute shapes- bear, penguin, rocket ship, and elephant. The elephant just happens to be my personal favorite!
nicki's diapers shopping cart


Dribble Ons Bandana Bib
All that chewing will certainly have your baby drooling!! These dribble bibs will save your little one from sporting a wet shirt all day. Plus this Circus Spots print gives me totally nostalgic 90s Barney vibes! 😂

Bath Time


Hip Peas Cradle Cap Care
My baby’s have all been born with a ton of hair, and bath time is just the best (when they enjoy it!) cradle cap is super common, so be prepared with this super nourishing scalp treatment. Like a spa day for your baby!

Copper Pearl Knot Hooded Towel
If I had a nickel for every picture of my kids wrapped up in a bath towel, I would buy ALL the copper Pearl towels! Soft, snuggly, and just darling with the hood and all the cute prints!

nicki's diapers shopping cart

Earth Mama Organics Baby Lotion
After bath comes lotion! But if your baby’s skin is sensitive like my babies’ skin is, finding a gentle lotion can be tough. This is a GREAT gentle option though!

CJ’s BUTTer Shea Butter Balm
My kiddos fight over the CJ’s. They love to rub it on their little cheeks because it smells SO delicious! This is my go to, especially in winter on their little chapped cheeks and just anywhere that needs a little extra love!

Frida NailFrida the Snippet Clipper Set
I know, I know, trimming those teeny nails can be nerve wracking, but this NailFrida set gives you options! The clippers when you're feeling confident, or a file when your nerves are shot. Either way, your baby will get a great manicure and save them from scratching itself when they’re too tiny to control those little hands.

General Baby Care

Copper Pearl Burp Cloth Set
Back to the copper Pearl…but can you blame me? Look at these prints!!! Not only are these soft and absorbent, but they’re super generously sized to provide a lot of coverage and perhaps save you an outfit change…or two!

BooginHead PaciGrip Pacifier Holder
My middle child was 100% a binky baby. And if you have a binky baby, you KNOW how much time you spend hunting around for them and trying to keep them clean. This paci clip will do both for you by keeping it close to babe and off the floor!

WubbaNub Pacifier Lovey
My youngest was night and day from my middle. While he would take literally ANY binky, she would only settle for a WubbaNub. Nicki’s had my back though and I was able to grab two the same so I always had one to rotate. Not to mention they are ADORABLE!
nicki's diapers shopping cart

So, all of this to say, don’t be stumped this holiday season, there are PLENTY of things you can get your baby that are both practical, and cute!

Anything new is something for them to explore, and they’ll have fun with whatever they’re opening!

Nicki’s Content Creator 2

Santa Baby, put a present under the tree, or three, for my mini and me. Santa baby, you'll catch me shopping at Nicki’s tonight. 

Oh hey, you just caught me getting all into the Christmas Spirit thinking about what I’m packing my dream cart with from Nicki’s Diapers.

A few things for me and a few things for the little ones in my life. When I say I want it all, I am NOT kidding.

I literally want everything from Nicki’s but here are a few of my must haves if you’re looking to grab some things for you and anyone else on your list.

Copper Pearl Cloth Love

If you are looking for the softest, coziest blanket with just the perfect comforting weight, look no further than the Copper Pearl Jumbo Quilt in Cider.

This is just a have to have for me this holiday season and really for the rest of the year if I am being honest. The cutest little gingerbread men and the warm spices that it features are perfectly combined with the gorgeous Knit print on the back making it reversible.

Even better, grab some matching Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bibs so you and your babe can coordinate in the greatest holiday pictures ever. This set combines Cider, Knit, Doe and Polar. (Polar bears, ADORABLE, Am I right?)

Exclusive Prints? Yes Please!

Have you seen the newest Smart Bottoms and Bumblito Nicki’s Diapers Exclusive print, Sea Waves? If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that reminds you of an amazing summer vacation then look no further.
Bonus, this print is cute right now and unlike holiday prints will still be able to be worn for months to come. Grab yourself a Smart Bottoms Tote Bag in Sea Waves and grab your
Mini some Smart Bottoms Leggings to match. They’re available in sizes small to extra large and they’re a limited edition print so don't wait too long. Go ahead and just grab some Smart Bottoms Shorties while you’re adding things to your cart.

Stocking Stuffers

nicki's diapers cart
You might need some stocking stuffers too. Elevated Tonic Roll On- Spirit Lifter has a great citrus scent and will brighten even the dreariest of winter days. They say it lifts spirits, lightens moods, relieves stress and anxiety, relaxes and calms the nerves. 
Maybe just go ahead and grab two, one to give and one to keep for yourself. The Elevated Tonic Roll On- Earl Grey also can lift some moods and smells great as a perfume or cologne… winning!
Lusa Magnesium Mist body spray in lavender would fit great in a stocking with some dark chocolates and bonus, magnesium can help you get some great sleep even during the post holiday craziness.
nicki's diapers shopping cart

Cutest Dryer Balls Ever Invented

Last but not least, you have to grab the CUTEST dryer balls ever invented! Friendsheep dryer balls come in packs of 6 and Nicki’s has lambs, koalas, stars, hearts, pandas and pigs.

Laundry time has never been more adorable. Friendsheep even has their own oil blends to leave your laundry (cloth or clothes) nice and fresh, check out the Sun is Shining blend.

nicki's diapers shopping cart

I don’t know about you but I am so excited to go check out with this epic haul of goodies. Hope to see your carts and holiday gifts!

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Nicki’s Content Creator 3

Dear Santa,

I know that this holiday is about sharing happiness and seeing joy light up children’s faces.

And I appreciate that, truly I do! But if I’m being completely honest, I feel like this is the year to spread joy to all the hardworking mamas and papas that are busting their behinds to keep their kids happy and healthy this holiday season. 

With that in mind, I share with you: My grown up Christmas list

Marley’s Monster’s Towel Roll + 24 Rolled Unpaper Towel Set In my household, we care about the planet and are doing our best to live in a way that’s kinder to Mother Earth!
Which means cutting back on throw-away products like paper towels and napkins. Fortunately, Nicki’s has a solution for that!
This set is both adorable and appropriately named: it includes one wooden dowel holder with a felted base, and 24 sweetly sustainable pre-rolled “unpaper” towels. 

Planet Wise Leak Proof Gallon Bags (3 pack)

nicki's diapers shopping cart

We use plastic bags for *lots* of things in this house, from food and stuff storage to no-mess art projects.

Each time one gets tossed, I cry a little inside. Enter Planet Wise and their collection of better-for-the-earth reusables! These are perfect for holding all our bits, with the added bonus of being perfectly washable.

No more baggies in the trash! If you would be so kind as to add this three pack to my stocking, I’d be a grateful mama!

Planet Wise Leak Proof Sandwich Bags (3 pack)
Please see the explanation above as to why this handy little three pack of reusable sandwich bags would make my heart sing. Please, Santa, save me from ever throwing away another sandwich bag!


Marley’s Monsters Travel Utensil Wrap & Silverware
Our goal of earth-friendly living doesn’t stop at my front door.  Occasionally, we like to eat on the go, and quick food usually means individually wrapped plastic (ick) utensils. Marley’s Monsters has the perfect solution, and it would look *lovely* tucked under my Christmas tree. This handy wrap includes bamboo cutlery and plenty of space for storing my reusable straws, paper towels, and other eating out essentials. 


GoSili 16oz Straw Cup

nicki's diapers shopping cart

I’d like to say “goodbye” to plastic to-go cups, and “hello” to GoSili! These 16 oz silicone tumblers are microwave safe and made from food grade silicone. (Mine would be used for coffee. Iced. Even in the winter.) Hey Santa? Maybe bring me two of these—one coffee for each hand. I’m tired, you know?  

OhLily All Day Bag
This aptly-named roomy and adorable reusable tote bag will be perfect for day trips and grocery store runs. It easily replaces plastic and paper carry outs, and has a much more comfy shoulder strap. Bonus: adorable prints! I’d take any of them (all of them!). But if I must choose only one, make mine dinosaurs, please! 

It’s been a hard year, Mr. Claus. And through it all, this mama has done her darndest to remain on the “Nice” list!

I hope you’ll send your elves to Nicki’s and snag some goodies from my wishlist! And when you visit us, maybe I’ll even pack up some cookies for Santa in a (reusable!) to-go bag. 

sleeping baby in crib

 Well There You Have It

We hope you had some fun shopping with our content creators. There is nothing more exciting than finding new products from a site that offers so many perks!

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