Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Newborn Cloth Diapers | Are They Worth It?

Congratulations, Mama!

Your little one is well on their way. They will soon be earth-side and you’ll be able to enjoy learning every part of them. As you pack your hospital bag with all of the necessities, you’ll be thinking of all of your baby’s needs. I’m sure diapers of some sort will be on your list.

You’re already on board with one-size cloth diapers, but now the big question... Should you bother investing in those darling, teeny-tiny newborn diapers? In a word, YES!

Nicki’s has so many options for even the smallest babes. You can wrap them in cloth before they even lose that sweet newborn smell!


newborn baby in orange swaddle in candy corn

How Early Should I Start?

  The answer to this question is entirely up to your preference. Some parents only want to put cloth on those petite newborn bums right from the very start. While others prefer to use disposable diapers provided by the hospital, one less thing to pack and worry about.


baby in cloth diaper


There is no wrong answer; it's just another decision to be made that will fit your family’s needs! Some parents prefer to use disposables until the umbilical stump falls off, but you should also know that it isn’t necessary.

All of the different kinds of newborn diapers that are available through Nicki’s have made accommodations with a baby’s belly in mind.

Smart Bottoms have a little scoop, shaped to the front of the diaper just like a Pampers Swaddler does.

Nicki’s newborn fitted diapers,Imagine all-in-ones andThirsties all-in-ones have snaps that snap down the front until that cute little belly button appears!

How Do They Fit?

So, what about the fit? Will newborn cloth really fit those tiny chicken legs while preventing a poop-splosion?


newborn baby wearing copper pearl onsie


YES, again! As with any size cloth diaper, correct fit is key. If you aren’t confident in your fit, or are having leakage problems, don’t worry! 

Just pop on over to theOfficial Nicki’s Diapers Cloth Diaper Chatter on Facebook. You’ll find hundreds of helpful mamas armed with experience and there are even graphics and videos to share for those visual learners!


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Another fit advantage that cloth diapers have over disposables is the elastics. Nicki’s Diaper’s has elastics on the back, front, and all along the leg gussets to get you a more snug fit while keeping your baby comfortable.

This will be your saving grace during those early days when your newborn’s poos are less-than-solid.

Won’t They be Bulky on Such a Tiny Baby?

The look of a “fluffy” bum can be an adjustment. When you see such thin disposable diapers it can seem like the cloth diapers are huge... but fluff isn’t a bad thing!

baby wearing imagine baby products cloth diaper


It’s actually more comfortable for the baby as the opened hip, “frog leg” is a very natural position. Many babies settle that way in the womb (my oldest sure did!) and having the hips turned out is actually helpful for healthy hip development.

Plus, ask yourself, how many generations and HUNDREDS of years did people cloth diaper their babies before disposables were invented? The benefit of cloth diapers can be seen in the evidence provided from past generations!

How Long Do They Last?

Newborn diaper’s reputation sometimes takes a beating for not fitting long enough or not being absorbent enough to be “worth it.” BUT! I have good news for you. Often, absorbency issues like this are a simple case of user error.

While a newborn all-in-one might be perfect for your baby for the first few weeks, their liquid diet might have them flooding their diaper before you know it.

There is a super simple fix for this though, abooster! Boosters come in tons of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses and they are made from many different materials like microfiber, cotton, bamboo, or hemp.


baby with swaddle blanket wearing a bear onsie


Adjusting your absorbency can be as simple as folding a cotton baby washcloth and adding it under the insert, or investing in some of the different brands of doublers that Nicki’s sells, likeNicki’s bamboo doublers,Osocozy,Best Bottom, orSloomb doublers!

Usually About Three Months

Well, what about the longevity of the fit? While it’s true, newborn all-in-ones can fit for a shorter amount of time, they still fit for a relatively long amount of time.

Usually up to about three months, which is long enough to bridge the gap until your baby grows to fill out a one-size diaper.

Think about how many disposables you would have to use during that time! Beyond this, they can be stored and reused for any younger siblings, OR resold for closer to market value as they have been used so sparingly.

This makes them well worth the investment. Even though all-in-ones may be outgrown sooner, Nicki’s and Imagine newborn covers have the longest fit of any other newborn diaper I’ve ever come across!


baby n cloth diaper with plants on it


They were able to fit my babies from birth, paired with a Nicki’s x-small prefold, and because of the adjustable snaps, they STILL fit my youngest at almost 2 years old!

We now mostly use one-size at this age, but sometimes I still reach for them because of a certain print I just can’t let go or if I’m in the middle of diaper laundry. 

Newborn Cloth Diapers and Poo – Is it a Hassle?

Speaking of diaper laundry, what about those loose newborn poos I mentioned earlier? You certainly aren’t going to be able to plop it into the toilet.

Is it too messy? Too much? Nope! As a parent, you’ll encounter plenty of baby “surprises,” but long gone are the days of soaking diapers and plunging your hands into poopy water.

If your baby is exclusively drinking breast milk, the awesome news is that breastfed baby poo is water-soluble!

This means that you can toss those diapers directly in the washer. A cold rinse followed by a hot wash and extra rinse and they’ll be good to go again!

If the baby is eating anything besides breastmilk (like if the baby is drinking formula or once they start eating solid foods) the poop will need to be removed from the diaper prior to washing. Don’t be discouraged though.


baby in cloth diapers wearing beep bop boop


There is a remedy for this as well! One of my favorite cloth diaper investments was definitely a diaper sprayer and spray shield!

You just set the shield over the toilet, clip on the diaper, and spray the waste directly into the bowl. Then just flush, toss the diaper into a wet bag to await wash day, and you’re done!

What About On-the-Go?

Going out and about with a newborn can be overwhelming in itself.  Will cloth diapering stress you out even more? No, again!

Even if you’re a first time parent, I’m sure you have heard the horror stories of newborns having a huge blow out in their car seat, and having to clean them up as best you can with baby wipes.

Having to stuff their clothes in a plastic grocery bag and having to wait to wash them until you get home… With cloth diapers, those extra elastics around the waist and legs will give you a great, contour fit, containing the mess and saving you the hassle and the cleanup while on the road! AND, if you cloth diapers on the go, you can keep awet bag on hand for dirty diapers.

That bag can double as a laundry bag for spit-up clothes, dirty burp cloths and the like, saving you from forgetting them and leaving them all wadded up in your diaper bag. 


baby wearing a cloth diaper


Depending on the style of diaper you choose, they don’t have to be over complicated when in a public place like a restaurant or mall bathroom either.

Anall-in-one orpre-stuffed pocket diaper is JUST as easy as a disposable, ready to go, right from the diaper bag

Tossing the dirty one in a wet bag is just as simple as tossing a disposable in the trash can. 

Can I Cloth Diaper My Newborn At Night?

You certainly can! Nicki’s has plenty of great options for night time solutions. My favorite is the teenyNicki’s brand newborn bamboo fitted diapers, but there are plenty of other super absorbent options that will keep your baby’s jammies dry throughout the night.

Some of those other options are flats or prefolds with covers, fitted diapers and covers, and pocket diapers with doublers.

There can be a little bit of trial and error, but there is definitely an option that will work for you and your baby! 

They Seem Expensive! How Can I justify the Cost?

cloth diapers are not expensive text


New babies go through TONS of diaper changes a day, 10-15 on average! The cost of an average newborn diaper ranges anywhere from 25-35 cents EACH! 

When you do the math, three months’ worth of diapers would really add up, costing anywhere from $230-$480! You can certainly purchase a good sized newborn diaper stash for less than that.

Plus, disposables obviously can’t be resold like a cloth diaper can, so you would lose out on that resale value!

How Many Will I Need?

Let’s go with that “10-15 changes a day” average. Depending on how often you plan on washing, it’s just some quick multiplication to get your ideal number.

Washing twice a week is most typical, so if you’re shooting for washing every 3 days, you’ll need 30-45 diapers, plus a couple extra to wear while the wash is going! If you want to wash more often, you can get away with fewer. 

You can always start with a smaller number and then purchase a few more if you want to space your washings apart more, and once you know what style of diaper works for you it’ll be easy to purchase more!

Have I Convinced You Yet?

So, what do YOU think? Have I talked you into it? If yes, you won’t regret it.


toddlers eating popcorn from a wetbag


When that first package shows up and you unpack each of those tiny, fluffy, darling newborn diapers fromNicki’s, you’ll be as obsessed as I was! 

You may have thought nothing could make you more excitedly anxious than the appearance of your little one, but just wait until you have a stash full of the most beautiful cloth diapers ready to cradle their little bum!