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15 Sustainable Switches for Your Kitchen

A sustainable kitchen. The holy grail of sustainability in the home.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, as well as the source of the most waste in a household.

This not only makes it one of the easiest places to start making sustainable switches, but also the place where the most change can take place. Did you know there’s a sustainable switch for that?

Yes, that thing you can’t live without in your kitchen.

It doesn’t even matter what it is - there’s a sustainable switch.

Seriously! Don’t believe me?

Let’s walk through your kitchen and how you can turn it into a sustainable kitchen today!

What is a Sustainable Kitchen?

Reusable Bowl Cover lemon design

Eating sustainably or “green” is the first step toward creating an eco-friendly home, but it does not stop there.

If you wish to have a completely sustainable kitchen, you can practice energy-efficient food storage and cleaning practices, use appliances made of recycled products with EnergyStar ratings and avoid harmful chemicals

How Do You Make a Sustainable Kitchen

#1 Dish Soap Ditch That Bottle

Dish Soap bar

Lusa Organics zero-waste dish soap is long-lasting, effective, and plastic-free! This bar dish soap is effective, yet gentle on your hands.

Clean your dishes, table, and even your countertop with this sustainable kitchen switch!

To use, store on a dish beside your sink.

Rub gently with a dishcloth or scrub brush for washing up.

Don’t expect bubbles as you get from the bottle, but do count on sparkling clean dishes and a light, nontoxic lather.

For best results rinse dishes with hot water. (Also makes an excellent stain-stick for laundry!)

#2 Sustainable Kitchen Scrubbers

I’ve got two sustainable kitchen switches here for you today!

DURAFRESH Natural Okra Eco-Scrubby two-pack


This plant-based solution is better performing and the responsible alternative to synthetic scotchbrites or scratch-prone brillo pads.

No-Scratch, Multi-Use Bio-Pads Safe for all cooktops, pans & dishes. This is a perfect addition to your sustainable kitchen.

Marleys Monsters Washable Sponge

Marleys Monstes Washable Sponge

These washable Sponges are the perfect replacement for disposable sponges.

The bold and graphic prints add a little fun to your daily household chores.

Simply throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher and reuse them.

Bowl Covers

cloth bowel cover

You can stop buying cling wrap thanks to another Marleys Monsters product - Washable and reusable bowl covers are the perfect replacement for disposable plastic wrap and foil.

Simply throw them in the washing machine and reuse them! Having a sustainable kitchen has never been easier.

These bowl covers feature a waterproof, food-safe PUL lining and a toggle cord stop and drawstring to close over your plate or bowl.

Unlike elastic, this provides more flexible sizing and a tighter fit for each container size.

Unpaper Towels and Napkins

unpaper towels

Unpaper towels and napkins are a sustainable alternative to paper towels napkins.

Since they are made of cotton, flannel, and even bamboo, they can be washed and reused, making them a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional paper towels.

Not to mention that they come in a variety of lovely colors and patterns, making them ideal for thoughtful presents.

This sustainable kitchen switch can save you hundreds of dollars every year!

Cutlery and Dinnerware

EZPZ silicone happy mat

Obviously, you should skip single-use here, but sometimes that can’t be avoided.

If you are needing to use disposable dinnerware or cutlery be sure to seek out recycled or compostable options for your sustainable kitchen.

There are plenty!


Collection of Klean Kanteen

Shameless Klean Kanteen Plug. Again. When we’re not on the go we use Klean Kanteen Cups.

These steel pint cups and insulated cups won't retain flavors or break like glass pints.

Plus they are nestable, stackable, and fun to take to parties or events, as you bring your own.

All of their steel solutions are also great for wine, kombucha, cocktails, and other mixed drinks too!

Baby Bottles

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Plastic bottles were all the rage for quite some time, but now we’re moving back to the glass and stainless steel baby bottles as they are more sustainable, but also healthier!

The Kid Kanteen 5 oz Baby Bottle is safe and toxin-free.

The contoured, tapered shape is designed for small hands, and the wide mouth allows for easy pouring and filling.

Stainless steel baby bottles are easy to clean, durable, and one of the best metal baby bottles.

This may not necessarily be a sustainable kitchen switch, but hey- that baby bottle will be in your kitchen at some point, right?

Sandwich Wraps and Bags

Colorful Planet Wise Sandwich Wraps

We pack so many snacks and sandwiches with five kids in tow!

Packing a lunch for three school-aged children would use at least 3 plastic food bags per kid, per day.

By swapping those bags out for Planet Wise Sandwich Bags and Sandwich Wraps you’re one step closer to a sustainable kitchen!

The Planet Wise Reusable Sandwich Bags are so easy to use!

You can have a waste-free lunch! No more plastic baggies, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil.

Because the seams are sealed using the Planet Wise Patent Pending No Leak Design, you won't need to worry about messes.

You can even put a wet washcloth in one for easy clean-up on the go! When you are home, just wash, rinse and reuse these great bags!

They can be hand washed in warm/hot water with dish soap or machine wash in cold water.

They are also top-rack dishwasher safe! Air or towel dry.

Use in the microwave is not recommended.

Food Storage

Mason Jars

Storing your food in bags, especially leftovers isn’t always ideal.

Having a cabinet full of mismatched plastic storage containers and lids also isn’t my idea of a good time.

Like at all.

Nor is finding out that the yogurt container is really full of leftovers from two weeks ago.

Switch to glass food storage. The cost is more upfront, but you’ll be less likely to have any go missing, because you paid more for them! HA!

Okay, that is true, but they are one sustainable kitchen switch I’ll never regret.

Freezer Bags

ground beef and green beans in freezer safe bags

We can buy in bulk all we can - especially when it comes to meat.

It’s more affordable and sustainable, but then we kill our efforts by using plastic storage bags.

Planet Wise Leak-Proof Bags are an innovative reusable bag that is airtight.

Use them to store food or pack a lunch without worrying about leaks or maintaining freshness.

We find these are great bags to freeze meats, fruits and vegetables, and even your leftovers.

These bags are available in four different sizes to suit your freezing needs in your sustainable kitchen!

Beeswax Wraps

beeswax food wraps

Sometimes, no other storage solution works, except some sort of wrap. Don’t discount reusable options!

Bee’s Wraps can be your sustainable kitchen solution. Wrap a slice of cheese, half a peach, a crusty loaf of bread, and fruits and vegetables in plastic wrap.

Pack a sandwich or cover a cup for your next adventure. Organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin

Buy in Bulk

Bulk Foods

Simply put, less packaging equals less waste!

You don't have to buy new bottles because you can recycle your old ones, which saves a lot of waste!

Not to mention that purchasing in bulk will minimize the energy footprint necessary for packaging by reducing the volume of materials required in the first place.

Grocery Bags

Colorful Grocery Bags

Bring your own bags! If you’re like me, you forget to bring them - all the time.

Stock up on your reusable shopping bags with Planet Wise and for the love of all things, keep some backups in your car!

Planet Wise Shopping Totes are strong, lightweight, and beautiful!

These shopping totes are made with one layer of cotton so they are very compact when folded, making them great for on-the-go shoppers and a great addition to your sustainable kitchen!

Eat Cleaner

Fresh berries

Clean eating focuses on eating ingredients that are fresh, organic, and minimally refined.

This way of eating will not only improve your fitness but also teach you to taste the natural tastes of foods.

Furthermore, it promotes organic agriculture and environmentally friendly food practices which is a must for any sustainable kitchen.


Shovel and dirt

Like yard waste, food waste scraps can also be composted.

Composting these wastes creates a product that can be used to help improve soils, grow the next generation of crops, and improve water quality.

Conclusion - Sustainable Kitchen

garbage can with reusable liner

I am sure that I have found at LEAST two sustainable switches for the kitchen.

If I haven’t, you bet I want to hear about it!

Seriously, email in. We’ll find something!

All 15 of these sustainable switches are pretty easy and completely, well switch one thing out for another.

There is one sustainable kitchen switch that I’d love to make, but it just isn’t possible in my area.

It’s skipping the trash bag entirely.

While I’m not able to make this happen I do have control over how often I actually have to wash out my garbage and recycling cans.

When’s the last time someone didn’t add a new bag and you found yourself hosing off your rubbish bin outside or in your tub?

You can skip that altogether by lining your garbage or recycling can with a Planet Wise Pail Liner.

Sure you’ll still have to wash the pail liner now and then, but that sure beats having to spend time scrubbing down the bin!