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All You Need is Cloth | Our Favorite 14 Cloth Diaper Prints For Summer 2021

Tis the ~sea-sun~!

We want to share with you our Creative Team’s favorite prints for Summer 2021.

We have it all, from tooti fruiti goodness to bright patterns and bold florals.

You’re gonna ~soak up the sun~ in these cute cloth diaper prints!

Scroll on through our top 14 favorite prints for Summer 2021.

1. Squeeze the Day

Squeeze the Day Cloth Diaper Print

First up, we have Squeeze The Day. Squeeze the Day is about as summer-y as it gets!

It is elegant and bright all at the same time.

The black on this cloth diaper brings it to be extremely gender neutral.

It reminds us of a fresh lemonade stand on a hot summer day.

We love those fresh squeezed lemons!

Check out this One Size Snap Ultimate All in One in Squeeze The Day!

2. Boodle Bloom

doodle bloom cloth diaper

The bright and lovely design Doodle Bloom is next on our list of favorite cloth diaper prints.

Doddle Bloom's bright colors and quirky design make us think of summertime when the kids are out of school!

It goes with so many colors and is the ideal complement to all of the bright, joyful hues that spring out in nature during this time of year!

This beautiful and incredibly soft Bamboo Throw Blanket is a must-have.

Nicki's Diapers Bamboo Throw Blankets are made of 100% bamboo rayon and are woven muslin intended to be comfy and breathable no matter the weather.

3. Palm Beach

Palm Beach Cloth Diaper

Imagine Baby Products Palm Beach is ready to make you feel like you're on vacation!

The contrast between the vivid minty palm leaves and the tropical green background evokes the feeling of a peaceful summer vacation.

It reminds us of lounging on the beach in the summer under a palm tree with a refreshing drink.

This Palm Beach Medium Wet Bag is the ideal addition to any beach getaway.

These beautiful bags are easy to carry thanks to their locking zippers and snap handles.

They measure 13.5" x 16" and carry around 5-8 cloth diapers, making them ideal for travel or at home.

4. Farmers Market

farmers market cloth diaper

Best Bottom’s Farmers Market grows into summer with a garden full of fresh veggies!

We love those little fruit and veggie illustrations coming together to make a colorful garden of goodness!

You’ll want to make sure to have your little one wearing this Best Bottom One Size All In Two Cloth Diaper Cover on your next trip to the farmers market!

5. Can We Build It

can we build it cloth diaper

Summertime is synonymous with being outside and digging in the dirt, and nothing screams it more than orange construction vehicles!

Can We Build It includes a range of construction trucks to inspire outdoor playtime with your kids.

A little dirt never hurt!

Especially when your cloth diapers are easily cleaned and reusable!

Check out this variety of cloth diapers and other goodies that come in Can We Build It

6. Beeutiful

beeutiful cloth diaper

What’s that buzzin’ around?

It sure is Beeutiful! Beeutiful is a newer print that showcases a regular Line-up print from Best Bottom and Planet Wise.

This sweet print features buzzing bees and hand-drawn honeycomb.

This new print is the perfect addition to your stash this summer!

Grab Beeutiful today and add this gorgeous print to your cloth diaper collection!

7. Brainfreeze

brainfreeze cloth diaper

Who doesn’t love a cold treat on a hot day?

Anything is ~popsicle~ during summer!

All of your favorite summer goodies are coupled with some cute bum placement on your favorite cloth diaper in Brainfreeze.

These cloth diapers will keep you looking cool all summer long, featuring popsicles, ice creams, and a vibrant design on a neutral background.

Nicki's Diapers All in One Cloth Diapers are a convenient and straightforward method to cloth diaper your child.

There's no need to add anything extra because the waterproof cover and absorbent inside are already attached.

8. Puddle Hopper

puddle hopper cloth diaper

Here comes Puddle Hopper!

We like to think that as kids, between the pool, the hose, sprinklers, and the rain puddles, we spent more of Summer wet than dry, so it just makes our hearts smile to reminisce with Puddle Hopper.

This print comes with an adorable pattern consisting of frogs, little birds, umbrellas and rain clouds.

Get your little one into Nicki's Diapers One Size Snap Pocket Cloth Diaper so they can get hoppin’!

9. Poppin Pink

popping pink cloth diapers

Brightly colored basics will match perfectly with just about any outfit this Summer.

Poppin Pink comes in a variety of styles of cloth diapers and will definitely brighten up your days!

This One Size Snap Ultimate All in One Cloth Diaper has a waterproof outer cover with a soft no-pill fleece interior lining.

The Ultimate All-in-One will keep your baby dry while still providing the ideal amount of absorbency to avoid leaks.

These diapers are free of the toxins contained in disposable diapers, so you can take comfort in knowing that your baby’s bum is safe and comfy!

10. Mermaid Tail

mermaid tail cloth diapers

This print and Summer were ~mermaid~ for each other!

Best Bottom’s Mermaid Tail presents ocean vibes with its blue and purple color scheme.

This work of art entails scalloped texture that mimics a mermaid tail. Adorn your baby’s bum in this cute pattern with Best Bottom BIGGER All In Two Cloth Diaper Cover.

This fan favorite comes in a variety of products from Best Bottom and Planet Wise so you can pack your snacks in this Planet Wise Reusable Zipper Snack Bag and head to the beach in style while knowing that you're living that sustainable lifestyle.

11. Pineapple Paradise

pineapple paradise cloth diapers

On the island of Hawaii you’ll find a lot of this fruit…it symbolizes those intangible assets we appreciate in a home: warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality.

Say aloha to Pineapple Paradise!

A bright print that features watercolor pineapples on a white backdrop.

This happy cloth diaper print gives us all of the island vibes and makes us want to travel all summer long.

Check out Pineapple Paradise in Nicki's Diapers One Size Snap Bamboo All in One Cloth Diaper.

12. Watermelon Patch

watermelon patch cloth diaper

Why did the watermelon go crazy? He lost his ~rind~!

Our mouths are watering just thinking about Imagine Baby Products’ Watermelon Patch!

Nothing like a cool, refreshing slice of watermelon on a hot summer day.

Imagine One Size Hook and Loop Bamboo All in One Cloth Diapers are a quick and easy cloth diapering option for your baby.

There's no need to add anything extra because the waterproof cover and absorbent insides are already attached.

13. You Are My Sunshine

you are my sunshine cloth diaper

You Are My Sunshine comes in Nicki's Diapers One Size Snap Bamboo All in One Cloth Diaper.

This cloth diaper was created with the comfort of your baby in mind.

All messes will be contained while being particularly soft thanks to a waterproof outer cover lined with bamboo and wrapped elastic material around the legs.

The bamboo terry of the Bamboo All in One diapers is extremely absorbent. Bamboo Terry is a soft and delicate fabric that absorbs quickly and holds moisture.

Every morning the sun wakes up and says ~rays and shine~!

This print will bring happy feelings to you and your little bundle of joy!

14. Island Paradise

island paradise cloth diaper

Island Paradise, a Planet Wise and Best Bottom regular line up print, will bring some paradise to your home!

These hibiscus flowers on a white background are available in a large variety of styles in cloth diapers and other great products such as wet bags and pail liners.

Island Paradise will transport you to distant tropical islands all year round!

Check Out All Of These Prints Now!

That’s that!

Which ones are your favorites?

There are so many unique prints to pick from.

Go explore Nicki’s Diapers and let us know what you find.

We’re pretty ~shore~ that we're going to have the best summer ever!