Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Baby it’s Cold Outside: Winning over Winter Weather with Nicki’s Diapers

Jack frost nipping at your nose? Here are the best ways I’ve found to keep warm now that winter is here.

Naturally, Nicki’s is there to help when the weather outside is frightful! If you live where 60 is considered sweater weather, then first of all I’m jealous… and second this wasn’t necessarily written with you in mind but read on anyway to find out how those of us up North tolerate the toe numbing temperatures of winter.    

Layers, Layers, Layers!

The key to combating the cold with your clothes is layers. Someone can frequently find me shuffling around the house in leggings plus sweatpants, thick socks plus slippers, sweatshirts plus robe, and a beanie on with my hood up.

My best advice is to keep adding layers until you can no longer sit down and then subtract one layer.

Don’t let that heat escape from your head. Adults can grab a beanie from Bumblito and kids have so many leggings for babies and beanie options they can pick out from Nicki’s and Bumblito.

Want to add some extra warmth and comfort to your kids’ closet? 

baby sleeping with swaddle and hat

Check out some Sloomb Playwoolies or add Nicki’s legwarmers to your kids’ outfit.

Waking up with a chill and have a couple extra minutes? Pop your day’s outfit in the dryer for five minutes and warm up what you’re wearing. 

Homemade Hot Chocolate, Anyone?

Want to warm yourself from the inside out, then I recommend a hot beverage. If you’ve had too much coffee already (is that a thing?) and tea isn’t your favorite, I recommend a good cup of homemade hot chocolate.

Store-bought mixes have their place but if you’ve got unsweetened cocoa powder and vanilla on hand, then you can make a superb cup of cocoa with just milk and sugar.

best bottom cloth diaper with kleen kanteen hot chocolate

We love doing it this way, especially since you can easily make a big batch on the stove for multiple cups.

My husband and toddler are huge mini-marshmallow fans while I love an oversized dollop of homemade whipped cream.

We always seem to have heavy cream around during the winter (great for cream soup, homemade biscuits, or frosting for sugar cookies) so make some up in the mixer. Don’t have a mixer or just don’t feel like washing the bowl?

Some solid whisking will work or look online for a whipped cream in a jar recipe. This method is great for working your biceps (and working up a sweat) or hand it to your off the wall toddler and let them whisk their sillies out. 

kleen kanteen with tea

Keep it hot while you sip by snagging a Klean Kanteen!

That heat will stay even longer if you preheat your mug with hot tap water. If you are sharing with your kids, the GoSili cups are great for little hands and they’re microwave safe for when their drink gets cold.

Looking for a print that matches all this creamy cocoa goodness, check out the adorable cocoa mugs on

Gnome is Where the Heart Is. If hot cocoa doesn’t sound appealing and you’re over 21 the Klean Kanteen tumblers are great for keeping your adult beverage of choice cold without chilling your hands. 

Low and Slow

baby sleeping with a stretchy swaddle

If you don’t dare turn that thermostat up even one more degree, I suggest turning on the oven. Nothing warms up the kitchen or your belly quite like something homemade.

If you’re going savory, I suggest something low and slow. My pick is carnitas that finish under the broiler for added heat.

My husband would go with a simple roast chicken (or maybe that 20-pound turkey I bought for cheap at Thanksgiving).

Going sweet? You can’t go wrong with cookies. Seriously, you can’t be angry when eating a cookie. It’s a rule or something. If you don’t want to eat cookies then Nicki’s has you covered with a couple cookie prints. 

Check out Imagine’s Cookies and Cream or the new Best Bottom and Planet Wise Nana’s Kitchen. Plus, you know Planet Wise has you covered for virtually all things food storage. Not that we expect there to be any leftovers.

Cuddle Up

baby sleeping ith a nicki's diapers blanket

Camp chairs next to the bonfire are giving way to hearths piled high with kindling. If you’re lucky and have access to a fireplace, then grab yourself a blanket and hang out with the stockings.

First, you’ll need to get that fire started. After having to dig through the junk drawer too many times… I hung up a Planet Wise mini-lite by our fireplace, so we never have to hunt for matches.

Once you’ve got your fire roaring, the Nicki’s Double Bubble or the Oh Lily So Cozy are perfect for wrapping around your shoulders. 

Not a minky fan? The Bumblito Everyday Plush is heavy and heavenly and the Copper Pearl jumbo quilt feels like you’re being hugged.

No fireplace? Light a candle, pop a Warmie in the microwave, and cuddle up. 

gosili cup with book

Storing All That Wet Gear

If you live somewhere that gets snow, you’re probably calculating whether you can squeeze another season out of last year’s snow suit while wondering if those boots will fit with thinner socks.

While Nicki’s can’t help you there, they have you covered when it comes to hauling all that wet gear around.

The Planet Wise lite line or Nicki’s and Imagine wet bags are a great and inexpensive option for everyone’s sopping wet stuff. Planet Wise large lite is perfect for your head-to-toe snow gear with enough room for a snowsuit, hats, gloves, jacket, and boots when they are transported back and forth from sledding, skiing, and/or school. 

toddler with a stretch swaddle from nicki's diapers

A Planet Wise medium lite bag is great for your ride; snap the handle over the headrest to hold your wet gloves and keep them off the floor. Kids always losing at least one mitten when you’re out?

Don’t count on your jacket pocket to keep them from going MIA. Stash them in a Planet Wise mini-lite when you reach your destination.

The handle will snap around a purse or even on a jacket loop or tag. 

Straight From The Dryer

While I’d like to say burying yourself in blankets is the best way to keep warm, it’s better to be up and moving. If you’re reading this, you are probably a parent (or about to be) so I’m sure there is no shortage of things to keep you busy. 

2 kids wrapped up in a blanket

Generate some heat by vacuuming or finally folding that load of laundry. Better yet, bury yourself in cloth diapers straight from the dryer as you stuff pockets or fold flats.

You’ll be warmer and your house will be cleaner. I won’t say clean because kids, amiright? If you’re all caught up on housework (or just want to ignore it) then have a dance party or grab your favorite swaddle blanket and pretend you and the kids are superheroes flying through the house. 

Friends and Family Time

Misery loves company, so if you’re like me and a miserable mess when you’re cold, invite your friends and family over.

More bodies mean more heat, so the more the merrier. We’ve already covered the blankets and the beverages, and the fire and the food, so let’s talk about entertainment. 

othello game with planet wise bags

A good game night will keep everybody, and their radiant body heat, nearby, so bust out the Monopoly or Apples to Apples.

If you’re like us though, your game boxes have long since disintegrated, so we keep all our games organized with Planet Wise and Oh Lily. The Oh Lily clear pouches are great for pieces and instructions, and we love the sandwich bags for keeping cards in check.

Is there nobody you really want in your house? You know your chatter family is always there for you on Facebook. If you’re not in the Official Nicki’s Cloth Diaper Chatter, then this is your invitation to join.

We’ll help fight the chill with heart-warming pictures of our favorite fluff or maybe even a heated debate over flats versus prefolds.   

The Most Fun!

The most fun (and least likely) option is to travel somewhere warmer! Snag a duffel bag from the Oh Lily collection, some reusable swim diapers, and a rash guard then head south. (Taking your cloth or your kids with you? We have a blog for that.)

Don’t feel like dealing with TSA or despise getting sand in your bathing suit? Grab yourself something in our Smart Bottoms/ Bumblito exclusive Sea Waves or Best Bottom/ Planet Wise Island Paradise, slather yourself in some Coconut Lime CJ’s, plant yourself next to the heater and pretend you’ve crossed the equator.  

Keep The Snow Outside

I love snow. I love to look at it from the window with a nice hot beverage in my hand. But with it comes shoveling or snowball fights and after a few hours, I’m ready to head inside. 

kids playing with snow indoors

Unfortunately, my toddler absolutely loves to play in the snow, so my tip for staying warm is to bring the snow to you.

Throw down a Nicki’s Mess Mat or Smart Bottoms beach blanket, fill a plastic container with snow, and sit in a comfy chair and watch your kids build miniature snowmen. GoSili spoons make great miniature snow shovels.

If you don’t get any of the fluffy white stuff, you can make snow substitute out of cheap hair conditioner and baking soda. Pro-tip, unless you love the smell buy unscented conditioner. 

If All Else Fails…

cloth diaper with dinosaurs

If all else fails, go back to bed. It’ll be even warmer if you can convince your partner to go with you.

Warm your cold toes on them or if you’re feeling like some fun, check our Elevated’s line products, including massage oil (I recommend making sure your hands are warm before using) and liquid gold.

Plus, a bun in the oven can make you warmer and you know Nicki’s will be there for any resulting fluff butts.