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7 Tips to Cleaning Cloth Diapers the RIGHT Way

cleaning cloth diapers the right way

Hello and welcome to the Nicki’s Diapers podcast! We are so excited to be sharing this time with you and discussing all-things cloth diapering. In this episode of the Nicki’s Diapers podcast, Samantha talks about 7 Tips to Cleaning Cloth Diapers.

This is a hot topic for many cloth diaper enthusiasts, I know!

We’re going to share our top 7 tips to cleaning cloth diapers, that way you have a clear, straightforward guide on how to wash your cloth diapers.

Everyone does things a little differently, but these tips have helped us wash our cloth stash here at Nicki’s, and we want to share them with you!

Tip 1: Don’t Overcomplicate Your Cleaning Routine

Don’t overcomplicate it! Your life is busy enough and stressful enough as it is, I’m sure of it. We don’t need to add extra stress to the mix about cleaning cloth diapers.

Tip 2: Don’t Fear Mainstream Detergents

You don’t need a “natural” or “cloth diaper safe” detergent. Tide Powder is the top recommended detergent for cloth diapers, believe it or not!

Tip 3: Run a Cold Cycle Before Washing

Here at Nicki’s, we highly recommend running a cold cycle with your cloth diapers before doing a normal wash with detergent. This helps loosen any gunk and residue before washing.

Tip 4: Turn Your Wet Bags Inside Out

We suggest turning your wet bags around (or inside-out). This isn’t talked about a lot, but we promise it’s helpful.

Tip 5: Invest in A Diaper Sprayer

If you have the ability to invest in a diaper sprayer, we highly recommend it. We truly believe a diaper sprayer can make your life a whole lot easier.

Tip 6: Don’t Ball Up Dirty Diapers in Your Wet Bag

Wet bags are amazing, but balling dirty diapers up tightly and keeping them in a wet bag has it’s disadvantages, sometimes.

Tip 7: Hang Your Diapers to Dry

If you want advice on how to keep your cloth diapers in pristine condition, line drying is the way to go. Line drying is much better for your elastics, and helps your diapers last longer.

A Final Word

So, that finishes up our 7 Tips to Cleaning Cloth Diapers!

Learning how to wash cloth diapers can be a confusing or frustrating experience, sometimes - especially with tons of incorrect information on the internet.

We know it can be hard at first.

But, now you know the 7 insider secrets on how to clean cloth diapers like a pro! Thank you so much for joining us!

We hope to have you tuning in next time on the Nicki’s Diapers podcast.